Contraception Methods Escorts Use

In the escort industry, any escort that works without any method of contraception is playing fast and could potentially lose her career. In most countries, contraceptives are affordable or free in a country like UK. These contraceptive methods are many for the escorts to choose the one they prefer to protect themselves against unwanted pregnancies. So, what contraceptive methods do escorts use?

Condoms are the most preferred contraceptive method. However, it does not mean it’s always necessarily used alone. There are various reasons why London escort prefer condom primarily as a contraceptive method as compared to other forms of contraceptive. One of the reasons why most escorts use a condom is because of its ability to be about 98 percent effective in preventing unwanted pregnancy when used in the right way.

Condoms are also the contraceptive method that is most available for escorts making it a natural preference in their line of work. They are easily found in clinics such as sexual health clinics, community contraceptive clinics, genitourinary medicine, and most retail outlets. However, due to the enormous availability, it’s recommendable for the escorts as well as other people who prefer using condoms to always check the BSI kitemark or the CE mark for standards validation.

It is no doubt that most escorts prefer using a condom as the contraceptive method. However, they also use other protection methods together with condoms. Some of the additional contraception methods used by escorts include; diaphragms, combined pills, injections, contraceptive implants, or intrauterine devices (IUD). IUD is the relatively cheap method in the long run as compared to the others. These methods ensure that the escorts are safe from pregnancy even in cases when the condom breaks.

While combined pills are proved to be more effective in preventing unwanted pregnancy, they do not protect the escorts from contracting sexually transmitted diseases and HIV. This is a massive concern to escorts who like condoms for their versatility in preventing infections and pregnancy. More so, escorts using condoms experience no side effects as compared to other contraceptive methods that have more severe side effects such as; nausea, depression, headaches, breast tenderness, and weight gain. In rare cases, condom side effects are irritation from the latex rubbers by the more sensitive escorts.

In conclusion, escorts are always exposed to potential pregnancies each time they engage in erotic and sexual activities with their clients on the line of duty. They hence prefer to use contraception to avoid getting pregnant. Most of the escorts prefer condoms because of a number of reasons such as protection from sexually transmitted diseases that other methods cannot.

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